Meta faces $600 Millions Lawsuit from Spanish Media

The lawsuit was filled citing unfair competition in the advertising market in a case that could be replicated across the European Union.
Meta has been hit with a Lawsuit by Spanish Medias and Newspapers

The Facebook parent company, Meta has been sued by a group representing 83 Spanish Medias for unfair competition in the advertising market that could cause replications across the European Union.

The £550 Millions (equivalent $600 Millions) lawsuit was filled collectively by Spanish Newspapers and Medias at the commercial court on Friday, 1st of December, 2023. According to AMI Media Association (AMA) - one of the Spanish Newspapers, Meta allegedly violate EU data protection rules between 2018 and 2023.


Furthermore, the Spanish Newspapers and Medias also stated that Meta's "massive" and "systematic" ways of using user's personal data on its Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp social media platforms gives it an unfair benefits of plotting and providing personalised ads, which they cited as an unfair competition.

Although, Meta press officials have not give a respond to this development. However, according to Reuters, an undisclose Meta's insider said the company was yet to receive the legal documents for the lawsuit.


In addition to the matter, another Spanish Media quarrel that the if at all the Facebook parent company must use collected personal data to display personalized ads, it must express consent from users.

The media added that disregard to lack of users's consentviolates the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) which was enforced in May 2018. The EU GDPR mandates that any website and online property must requests authorisation from users to keep and use personal data.


This lawsuit is the latest move by legacy media to fight tech giant in court about the misusing of users's personal data. Recall that the Spanish Medias have won a victory against Alphabet - Google's parent company in a lawsuit in 2014.

Due to this, the Spanish Government had to shut down Google News Services before it was reopened in 2022 under new rules and regulations.

In summary, the 83 Spanish Medias and Newspapers filled a lawsuit against Meta to allege unfair competition in the advertising market and violation of EU data protection rules. If successful, it could set a precedent for similar cases across the EU and force Meta to change its data practices.

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