TomTom has formed a partnership with Microsoft to develop an artificial intelligence-based assistant for automobiles

TomTom Artificial Intelligence

TomTom, the industry leader in digital mapping, made the announcement on Tuesday that it has collaborated with Microsoft to create a conversational assistant for automobiles that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The business claims that the assistant would not only allow you to converse naturally with your vehicles, but it will also give voice interaction for information and entertainment systems, as well as for location search and car command systems.

Using a number of different Microsoft services, including the Azure OpenAI Service, TomTom was able to construct the voice assistant. TomTom is the largest mapping platform in the world and competing with Google Maps as a mapping service.

According to the Dutch map business, the voice assistant is incorporated into TomTom's Digital Cockpit, which is an open and modular in-vehicle entertainment platform. Additionally, the voice assistant is integrated into various automotive infotainment structures.

During the month of July, TomTom introduced an LLM plug-in for ChatGPT. This plug-in made it possible for users of the chatbot to make use of its maps in order to plan trips and find new places to visit.

Since the year 2016, when Microsoft began providing the location services for Azure Maps, the company has been working together with them.

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