Google Podcast is Shutting Down! Take These Actions To Save Your Playlists

Here's how to save your playlists from vanishing with Google Podcast in 2024.

For those who love podcasts and depend on Google Podcasts to stay up to date on their favorite episodes, Google just shared some depressing news - by mid-2024, users won't be able to move their shows and episodes to another streaming platform because the tech giant has made it plans to close the app cleared.

Transferring your RSS feed to a new platform in advance will save you the trouble of having to manually re-add all of your shows and episodes when you start over with a new app.

Should you prefer YouTube Music, the US tech behemoth provides an easy way to move your data to that platform. Check out the instructions for moving your Google Podcasts data to YouTube Music or to other similar streaming app like Spotify or Apple Music.

This decision only affects users who live in the United States at this time. Google said in September, "we will be ending Google Podcasts, and as part of our process, we'll be assisting you in switching from Google Podcast to YouTube Music", Google stated.

This has already be inline with what podcasters and listeners already do in the United States of America. According to Edison, over 23% of US weekly podcast listeners stated that YouTube is the streaming service they use the most, compared to just 4% of Google Podcasts's usage.

Google had recently released more updates on the schedule for when its podcast app would be discontinued completely. The most recent update indicates that Google Podcasts will no longer be available in the United States after April 2024.

More precisely, the app won't be allowed to play new episodes after April 2, 2024. Nonetheless, Google has promised users that Google Podcasts will continue to function regularly through March.

However, there will be a grace period expiring till July 2024 for users who are unable to move by April 2 to switch to an alternate streaming app. The app will be available from April through July, but it won't have the podcast player feature.

Here's How to Convert YouTube Music to Google Podcasts

For customers in the US, Google has launched its migration option on Google Podcasts. Here is a quick steps to follow:

  • Click on Export Subscription to begin the procedure.
  • You will see two options on the next page: Export to YouTube Music or Export to another streaming service.
  • Select "YouTube Music" option to proceed to the app where you be required to verify your email.
  • Accept the next step, Adding RSS feeds.
  • After the process is finished, go to Library then Podcasts to access your contents.
  • However, if you'd prefer a third-party streaming service, just select Download from the Export For Another App tab.
  • This will download an OPML file that you can use in another streaming service application to transfer your Podcasts data.


Farewell, Google Podcasts, but your playlists don't have to die with it! While the curtain closes on Google Podcasts, the vibes doesn't have to stop. Embrace this transition as an opportunity to explore new platforms and solidify your audio haven.

Whether you migrate your playlists to another podcast service, back them up for personal safekeeping, or discover the joy of curating anew, remember that your favorite podcasts aren't going anywhere. They're just waiting for their next chapter, and you get to decide where it begins.

So, take a deep breath, podcast lovers, and dive into the options presented in this guide. You might even find something you like even better than Google Podcasts. After all, every ending is a new beginning, and who knows what sonic adventures await you on the other side?

The podcasting world is vast and ever-evolving, and your listening journey is far from over. So, let's raise a metaphorical glass (or headphones) to Google Podcasts, thank it for the memories, and get excited for the exciting audio adventures that lie ahead!

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