MTN to Engages in Muilti-Partner Satellite Connectivity Across Africa with Starlink, AST SpaceMobile and Lynk Global

MTN Takes Aim at Connectivity Gaps with Multi-Partner Satellite Trials Across Africa. Here's everything you need to know.

MTN is in partnership with Starlink, AST and Lynk Global

Key Points:

  • MTN Group launches satellite trials across Africa with Starlink, AST SpaceMobile, and Lynk Global.
  • The Trials target direct-to-cell connectivity and enterprise-grade broadband solutions.
  • Initiative aims to bridge connectivity gaps and boost network resilience in remote areas.
  • Builds on successful proof-of-concept trial with Lynk Global in Liberia.
  • Reflects MTN’s commitment to digital inclusion and empowering African communities.

In a bold move to bridge the digital divide across Africa, MTN Group has announced the launch of multiple satellite trials in collaboration with leading players like SpaceX’s Starlink, AST SpaceMobile, and Lynk Global. This ambitious initiative marks a significant step towards connecting remote areas and boosting network resilience across the continent.

“MTN recognizes the transformative power of seamless connectivity,” stated by MTN executive South Africa, emphasizing the company’s commitment to digital inclusion. “These satellite trials represent a pivotal investment in bridging the gaps that limit access to vital online services for millions of Africans.”

The trials encompass a diverse range of technologies, each addressing specific connectivity challenges. MTN is partnering with Lynk Global for direct-to-cell trials in South Africa and Ghana, aiming to provide basic voice and SMS services in areas beyond terrestrial network reach. AST SpaceMobile will explore similar direct-to-cell possibilities in Nigeria and South Sudan, leveraging their unique spaceborne cellular network.

For enterprise-grade solutions, MTN has partnered with SpaceX’s Starlink for trials in Rwanda and Nigeria. These pilots will assess the viability of high-speed satellite broadband for businesses and communities in underserved regions. Additionally, MTN is in discussions with Eutelsat OneWeb for a satellite broadband pilot in its home market of South Africa.

The announcement comes on the heels of MTN’s successful proof-of-concept trial with Lynk Global in a remote Liberian village. This pilot demonstrated the feasibility of direct-to-cell connectivity, with a standard mobile phone receiving an SMS message 25 kilometers from the nearest cell tower.

“Each collaboration, each pilot, is a stepping stone towards a digitally inclusive Africa,” concluded [Name and Title at MTN]. “We are confident that these satellite trials will pave the way for innovative solutions that empower communities and unlock the continent’s vast potential.”

MTN’s multi-pronged approach reflects the complex landscape of Africa’s connectivity challenges. By embracing diverse technologies and partnering with leading players, the company aims to deliver a future where no African is left offline.

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