BREAKING: Panic as Explosion Rocks Bodija in Ibadan.

Explosion rocks ibadan and has been felt across several locations in the state. An official report has not been released about the cause.
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It's been reported that an explostion just happened in Bodija, Ibadan. There are videos already cirulating online showing the aftermath of the explosion but the cause of the explosion has not been published by the authorities.

An X(fka Twitter) user tweeted in the linked tweet:@WillieWinehouse tweeted, “A f***ing bomb just exploded in Ibadan! My entire house and street are in ruins!! What is going on!!”. It's also been reported that a lot of houses are and shops are in ruins. Some people have claimed that it was gas explosion while others say it was a filling station but official sources are yet to reveal the exact cause of the explosion You could follow the twitter trend in the linked thread here
The current report is that a loud bang was heard across numerous locations in Ibadan and vibrations were felt in different locations as well. The reported number of casualties and injuries is yet to be announced. 

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