Yoruba Leader Gani Adams Get Second Wife

The union marks a harmonious connection between Yoruba tradition and the cultural richness of the Delta state.
Gani Adams and his second wife

Lagos, Nigeria - Photos have surfaced online, revealing the marriage ceremony of Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams, to an ex-beauty queen from Delta State, Joy Onojaife. The private ceremony took place at the bride's home in Lagos on December 9th, 2023, amidst close family and friends, as reported by Punch and Vanguard.

Gani Adams and second wife

Adams, a prominent Yoruba leader and cultural icon, looked resplendent in traditional attire, while Onojaife, a former Miss Delta contestant, radiated beauty and elegance in her wedding gown. Photos from the ceremony depict a joyful occasion filled with love, laughter, and vibrant cultural displays.

Gani Adams, His second wife and other extended Families

The news of the marriage has sparked excitement and well-wishes from the public. Social media platforms have been flooded with congratulatory messages for the newlyweds, expressing hope for a happy and fulfilling life together.

Details Emerge of Private Ceremony

Although the ceremony was a private affair, details have begun to emerge, painting a picture of a beautiful celebration steeped in tradition. Sources close to the couple revealed that the ceremony incorporated elements of both Yoruba and Urhobo traditions, reflecting the cultural diversity of the union.


Reports indicate that the ceremony was officiated by prominent religious leaders, followed by a lavish reception featuring traditional music, dance, and culinary delights. Guests included dignitaries, celebrities, and members of both families, adding to the festive atmosphere.

A New Chapter for Yoruba Leader

This marriage marks a new chapter in the life of Gani Adams. It comes at a time when he continues to play a significant role in promoting Yoruba culture and advocating for the development of Yorubaland. The union with Onojaife is expected to bring further positive influence and stability to his personal life.

While details about the couple's future plans remain private, the emergence of these wedding photos signifies a joyous occasion and the beginning of a new chapter for the Yoruba leader and his bride. The public eagerly awaits further developments and wishes the newlyweds a blessed and prosperous future together.

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