Social Media Giant X to Expand into Japan, Announces Engineering Hiring Spree

This will be a significant move to dive into the Japanese market space.
X formerly Twitter expand to Japan

Social media behemoth X announced today it will begin hiring engineers in Japan, marking its official entry into the Asian market. The news, confirmed by CEO Linda Yaccarino, follows earlier reports from Nikkei suggesting the company's ambitions in the region.


“We’re thrilled to announce our expansion into Japan, a vibrant and innovative market with immense potential,” Yaccarino stated in a post. “We are eager to tap into the talent pool of Japan’s highly skilled engineers and create exciting opportunities for users in the region.”

According to Nikkei’s earlier report, X plans to establish an app development team in Japan specifically dedicated to tailoring functions and advertising products for the local market. This localized approach indicates X’s commitment to understanding and catering to the unique needs and preferences of Japanese users.


Japan boasts a strong presence in the tech industry, with a highly educated workforce and a long history of technological innovation. X’s decision to tap into this talent pool further underscores its commitment to global expansion and its ambitions to become a truly ubiquitous social media platform.

The specific number of engineering positions X plans to open in Japan remains unclear. However, the company’s announcement signals a significant investment in the region, and it is expected that the hiring process will commence shortly. This move is likely to be met with enthusiasm by both aspiring engineers and X users alike, as it promises to bring new features and functionalities to the platform while fostering innovation within the Japanese tech ecosystem.


As X continues its global expansion, its entry into Japan marks a key milestone in the company’s journey. With its talented workforce and thriving tech scene, Japan presents X with an exciting opportunity to further solidify its position as a leading social media platform on the world stage.

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