TECNO Spark 20: A Budget-Friendly Phone with Some Surprises

Here is a review of the TECNO Spark 20: A Budget-Friendly Phone with Some Surprises.

The TECNO Spark 20 is a budget-friendly smartphone that packs in some surprising features for its price point. It has a 6.8-inch HD+ display, a MediaTek Helio G85 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. The phone also has a triple-lens rear camera system and a 50MP selfie camera.



The TECNO Spark 20 has a sleek and stylish design that looks more expensive than it is. The phone is available in a variety of colors, including Turquoise, Magnet Black, and Champagne Gold. I found the Turquoise color to be particularly eye-catching.


The display is large and bright, making it great for watching videos or playing games. The bezels are a bit thick, but that's to be expected on a budget phone.


The TECNO Spark 20 is powered by a MediaTek Helio G85 processor, which is a step up from the Helio G35 used in the previous Spark model. The phone is surprisingly responsive for day-to-day tasks, such as browsing the web or checking email. More so, it is going to handle demanding games or apps very well.

The 4GB of RAM is a bit on the low side, but it should be enough for most users. The 128GB of storage is also a bit limited, but you can always add a microSD card for more space.


The TECNO Spark 20 has a triple-lens rear camera system that consists of a 50MP main sensor, a 2MP macro sensor, and a 2MP depth sensor. The camera takes decent photos in good lighting conditions, but they can be a bit grainy in low light.


The 32MP selfie camera is one of the best features of the TECNO Spark 20. It takes great selfies, even in low light.

Battery life

The TECNO Spark 20 has a 5000mAh battery, which is one of the largest batteries I've seen in a budget phone. The battery life is excellent, and I was able to get two days of use on a single charge with moderate usage.

Memory and Software

RAM: As mentioned previously, the Spark 20 comes with 4GB of RAM, it can also be extend to 8GB RAM. While this might seem limiting compared to some phones, it's actually sufficient for most basic tasks like browsing, social media, and light gaming. However, multitasking or running resource-intensive apps might lead to some slowdown.

Software: The Spark 20 runs on HiOS 13, based on Android 13. HiOS offers a user-friendly interface with some additional features and customizations not found in stock Android. While it is the latest Android version, it provides a smooth and familiar experience for most users.

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Processor: The MediaTek Helio G85 processor is a step up from previous models, offering improved performance for everyday tasks and even some light gaming. It's not a powerhouse, but it handles basic use well and avoids excessive lag.

Storage: The 128GB of internal storage and 256GB might feel cramped for some users, especially with apps and media taking up space. Thankfully, the phone supports microSD card expansion up to 256GB, allowing you to easily add more storage for your needs.

Connectivity: The Spark 20 supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.2, and 4G LTE connectivity, ensuring you stay connected and have access to fast internet speeds.


The 5000mAh battery is one of the Spark 20's biggest strengths. It provides exceptional battery life, easily lasting a full day or even two with moderate usage. You won't be scrambling for a charger throughout the day, making it a great choice for busy users.


However, for charging speed, unfortunately, the Spark 20 only supports standard 10W charging. While it's not the fastest, it gets the job done and ensures your phone is ready to go when you need it.

TECNO SPARK 20 Verdict

The TECNO Spark 20 is a great budget-friendly phone that offers a lot of features for the price. It has a nice design, a surprisingly good display, and a long-lasting battery. The camera is decent, and the selfie camera is excellent. If you're looking for a budget phone that won't break the bank, the TECNO Spark 20 is a great option.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the TECNO Spark 20:


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Large and bright display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Excellent selfie camera
  • Affordable price


  • Only 2GB of RAM
  • Limited storage
  • Camera is not great in low light

Overall, I would recommend the TECNO Spark 20 to anyone looking for a budget-friendly phone with a lot to offer. It's a great option for first-time smartphone buyers or those on a tight budget.

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In addition, the TECNO Spark 20 delivers impressive value for its budget price. With a sleek design, a long-lasting battery, and decent performance for everyday tasks, it's a solid option for first-time smartphone buyers or those looking for a reliable and affordable device.


While the limited RAM and storage might pose some restrictions for power users, its strengths outweigh its weaknesses, making it a compelling choice in the budget segment.

I hope this review helps you decide whether or not the TECNO Spark 20 is the right phone for you.

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  1. Informative review shedding light on the TECNO Spark 20's impressive features! The detailed breakdown, from design to performance, showcases its value in the budget-friendly segment. Kudos to MobilezMarket for keeping us informed about budget smartphones with noteworthy specs. Excited to explore the Spark 20's strengths and consider it for my next budget-friendly device!
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